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Just a short post to get back into the swing of things, I’ve been busy and/or distracted lately.

Kremlin calls Polish decision to rename Kaliningrad ‘hostile act’ – Now there’s an interesting headline.
I don’t want to get into politics here but unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, the Poles want to rename Kaliningrad “Krolewiec“, personally Königsberg would be a better and more historically accurate choice. Of course neither option is likely to happen for a long while to come, sadly.


Good reply to this from Dmitry Medvedev (without explicitly mentioning Prussia of course):

So, Polish Russophobes want to teach everybody history. The name of the Russian city of Kaliningrad is not to their liking; they suggest writing Krulevets instead.

Well, in that case, no Kraków for them; only Krakau. No Gdańsk; only Danzig. No Szczecin; only Stettin. No Poznań; only Posin. No Wrocław; only Breslau. The list can go on and on.

And of course, no Poland; only the Duchy of Warsaw, or the Kingdom of Poland as part of the Russian Federation, as the successor to the Russian Empire

Prussian Conservatism 1815-1856

Laura Claudia Achtelstetter, who was very helpful to me in my Prussian studies whilst she was studying in Cambridge, now has a book published; “Prussian Conservatism 1815-1856: Ecclesiastical Origins and Political Strategies“, a little pricey as academic books normally are but it looks very interesting. I shall certainly be buying a copy sometime this year.