Bits and pieces about Prussia that I find of interest, mostly drawn from the old books that I like to collect (and read).

German rather obviously isn’t my mother tongue, feel free to tell me if any of the grammar is particularly appalling.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Tomas Rathousky said:

    Dear All, I would like to contact you connecting to /hand written/ diary which I found . From my point of view it is unique diary from year 1864 – from prussian history. I tried to check and I found following person in this diary – gr. Arnim-Blumberg, Marianna Vollard, Pauline Neale, Oppensdorf, Herr Czochron. From my point of view this diary is really unique so I would appreciate if you can help me if not I would appreciate if you can recommend me any other institution which should be interested in piece of history.
    If you are interested please contact me anytime and I will send you pictures.
    regards, Tomas Rathousky

  2. Hello Tomas.
    Sounds interesting, I’m no expert but I’ll look into it, I’ll send you a personal email.

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