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For now at least.

So yesterday morning before going to work I finally finished the second volume of v.d. Marwitz’s Nachlasse (on Frederick the Great’s birthday). It’s taken me a year near enough and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. The mixture of personal anecdotes, important events and political commentary has been fascinating.

At the moment the main thing I’ve taken from it is the nagging thought in the back of my mind regarding the direction of our society if we’d listened to Marwitz and people like him. Could Feudalism and the Stände have been sufficiently modernised without throwing the baby out with the bathwater? We’ll never know now, even the bath is gone.
I need to study more.

Anyway, now on to “Der Tag ist Angebrochen!”, looking at things from a somewhat different perspective. Twenty odd pages in and Dulon already seems like a loon, I bet his sermons were interesting.