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I have to admit to struggling a little with the second volume of Marwiz’s Nachlasse, so far it’s mostly a list of people I haven’t heard of riding around places I’ve never heard of, although there are interesting vignettes as usual (Massenbach you Arschloch I’m looking at you). The battle at Hagelsberg in 1813 however is quite interesting, and unsurprisingly has sent me off on another book search.

According to a footnote on page 75 Marwitz produced a small book about the battle in 1817: Beschreibung des Treffens bei Hagelsberg unwet Belzig, obviously without a copy of this book my life is miserable and incomplete.

So far I’ve found a Google Books scan for download and a protected version in Weimar. Unfortunately Abe Books don’t have an original copy so against my better judgement I bought one of the cheap (£6.44 including postage) indian print on demand copies, however as it uses the same misspelling (Hagilsberg statt Hagelsberg) as Google Books I’m guessing the quality will be as poor as the Google copy.

Also, it’s on the wishlist, if any of my thousands of readers ever see a copy, please tell me!