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Well I’ve finally finished the first volume; Lebensbeschreibung, of Marwitz’s Nachlasse, after starting reading it shortly after the New Year. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, slow history is the only way to attempt to get close to long-dead people, although the passage of time and my basic grasp of German keeps me at a respectful distance. Which seems fitting.

A couple of final thoughts. Why did Marwitz think that George Canning, founder of Anti-Jacobin of all things, was a liberal and one of the biggest fools ever to walk the earth (einer der größten Narren, die die Erde je getragen – pg. 466)? I also loved the timelessness of “ein nicht liberaler Gelehrter ist so selten wie ein weißer Rabe” (pg. 468), some things never change.

However there’s no need to worry about a lack of content to come for this blog as I’ve just begun the second volume; Militairische & Politische Aufsätze. I’m sure that’s a relief for both of you.