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Another incident, this time at the Huldigung for Friedrich Wilhelm III in 1798, sounds like a good day out. Somewhat of an anti-democracy theme so stay away if you’re a true believer, as most are today.

Marwitz, not a particular fan of democracy, probably understandable given the recent (and continuing) events during the French Revolution, was not overly impressed by the presence of Abbé Sieyès as the French representative: “ein Kerl mit einem wahren Canaillen-Gesicht, mit seinem schwarzen Kopf (damals ging noch Alles gepudert) und mit seiner enormen dreifarbigen Schärpe.” (A wretch with a proper dog’s face, black hair — powdered wigs were still the current fashion — and a gigantic tri-coloured sash).

To make his day even better, a guest at a nearby table began spouting the latest fashionable socialist views (hardly the right time and place one would have thought), the first time that Marwitz had heard such views spoken aloud. Another nearby guest (Major von Bredow, perhaps related to him of the trousers fame) was even more incensed, rising red-faced from his chair he states: “Jetzt ist es genug! Infamer Hallunke, wenn er nun nicht den Augenblick das Maul hält, so wahr ich lebe, ich packe ihn, und werfe ihn hier zu dem Fenster hinaus!” (That’s enough, you scoundrel, if you don’t shut up this moment I’ll pick you up and throw you out the window!). The socialist, understandably, shuts up.

To the denigration of my bank balance Marwitz mentions that a commemorative Medallion was under each napkin on the table, so of course I had to buy one.